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About Anna

Anna has always been fascinated by various ways of artistic expression. While receiving her education as a classical trained violinist, she has always kept her interest in dance, acting, fine arts and circus disciplines. Anna finds great appeal and inspiration particularly in music's relationship to different forms of arts, their assimilation within a performance and the thereby given possibilities for contemporary productions.

Annas first musical activities in Hagen included intensive experience with chamber music and orchestra as well as her debut as a soloist with the Philharmonic Orchestra Hagen and a first multi-genre project.

Anna continued her violinistic studies in the youth program, followed by her Bachelor of Music degree, at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz, Cologne, with Prof. Gorjan Kosuta and Prof. Susanna Yoko Henkel. She received significant inspiration and guidance from the ERASMUS exchange program in Paris with Prof. Annick Roussin as well as in masterclasses with renowned musicians including Donald Weilerstein, Thomas Brandis, Igor Ozim and Sebastian Hamann.

Accepted as a member of "Yehudi Menuhin -Live Music Now e.V." in 2010, Anna had the opportunity to regularly develop and perform varying concerts for diverse audiences. She recieved prices at the International Alois Kottmann Competition, Frankfurt and the Concours Leopold Bellan (Paris). In 2016 her trio uBu was awarded the Boris Pergamenschikow Preis for interpreting B.A. Zimmermann's "Présence".

Furthermore, she continued her work and research on artistic interdisciplinary performance in Paris, Montepulciano (Italy) and Cologne, collaborating with dancers, actors, artists, etc. In November 2013 she presented the interdisciplinary performance „Seiltänzer“ as her Bachelor of Music final exam in the concert hall of the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln, which received highest distinction.

In collaboration with the Cologne-based society for contemporary circus „Atemzug e.V., in 2015 Anna developed the concertperformance „Metamorphoses Nocturnes“, together with composer Maximiliano Estudies. Further works as a director included the concert TRAUMWANDLER (March 2016), with the ZAMUS Köln/Ensemble Nel Dolce and together with Choreographer Yves Ytier PRÉSENCE (April 2016), commissoned by the Bernd-Alois-Zimmermann-Gesellschaft.

Since autumn 2014 Anna is studying her Master of Music degree, specializing primarily on contemporary music. She is an active chambermusician with different groups, including ELECTRONIC ID, together with guitarist Leonhard Spies the duo FIDES, the string quartett METAMORPHOSEN QUARTETT and the Klezmerquartet TOVTE.

In 2014 she also became concertmaster of the Klettenberger Kammerorchester, allowing her to regularily play with them as a soloist.

For the season 2016/2017 Anna will appear in concerts with the European Workshop For Contemporary Music at the Warschauer Herbst and Philharmonie Luxembourg. Beside further performances of PRÉSENCE concerts are planned with singer Marie Heeschen starting in March 2017 featuring G. Kurtags KAFKA-FRAGMENTE. In a second collaboration with composer Maximiliano Estudies Anna will direct a concertperfomance which will be developed as a cooperation between the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln and the Anna-Freud-Förderschule Köln and which will be presented in February 2017.