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The good march in step. Unaware of them, the others dance around them, the dance of time.

KAFKA-FRAGMENTE is a scenic concert around György Kurtág's song cycle of same title for soprano and violin.

Kurtágs Kafka-Fragmente are like shreds of language, whirling by, seemingly without any interconnection but capable of evoking a whole world in the fraction of a second - or just a feeling. Kurtág collected sentences and words from Kafka's diaries and letters, composing them into a song-cycle for soprano and violin. His need to reduce everything to the most necessary becomes apparent: Kafka's language as well as the characteristics of this smallest possible Ensemble create gaps, space, in which one’s own breathing, own thoughts resonate. Staged by director Malin Nagel, dramaturgic and performative means are employed especially to take the dimension of Kafka's language into account.